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"Miss Mouse, Newfoundland dog, accompanied by author, Hilary Hyland, presents an engaging Author/School Program that gets students excited about historical fiction and the research behind it. Our third, fourth and fifth grade students sat spell bound for an hour as Ms. Hyland went through the process of researching, editing and then writing The Wreck of the Ethie. The actual artifacts and research sources used were skillfully introduced by PowerPoint and Miss Mouse was, of course, the hit of the show. It was the perfect introduction to our unit on research that is part of our state standards (SOLs). More importantly, the students couldn't wait to read the book!"
Donna T. Fagerholm - Principal, Prince William County Public Schools

"Author, Hilary Hyland comes every year to our school. Her presentation is one of the very best. She is articulate and thorough bringing alive subject matter and historical events. She relates in a respectful, caring way with students. She utilizes sufficient material to enhance her talk without having the hands-on items become a distraction. She encourages students to continue their writing and helps them recognize that inspiration can come from surprising places. Having a real Newfoundland dog visit the school creates quite a stir. The dog is well-mannered and is an intergral part of the overall presentation. I can't imagine a year in the LCDS without Hilary Hyland's visit. She is one of the very best author visits a school can have."
Dr. Eleanor Fall - Librarian/Media Specialist, Loudoun Country Day School, Leesburg, Virginia

"We have a significant number of ESOL students in our school and having the author's Newfoundland dog as a live visual--along with her PowerPoint helped the students to actually picture what happened in the story. The Wreck of the Ethie takes the reader on a real life adventure. I highly recommend Mrs. Hyland's program for a school assembly. It was loved by both student and teachers!"
Melaney Mackin - Principal, Fairfax County Public Schools

"Hilary Hyland's visit was certainly the highlight of the school year for our students. Mrs. Hyland's exciting story which had already been shared with the students, was given new dimension through her presentation. And it cannot be denied that the guest appearance of Mrs. Hyland's own Newfoundland pooch really made an impression on students and teachers alike. The size and strength of The Wreck of the Ethie's canine hero were well represented in the "person" of Miss Mouse. We ALL enjoyed Mrs. Hyland's visit."
Rich Parker - Media Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools

"As a teacher of gifted children, I was thrilled to find this Accelerated Reader book to use with my students. The author's account of the events will hold their interest and her inclusion of photographs and results of her extensive research will help them understand the link between real events and fictional writing."
Gifted & Talented Teacher, Greene County, Georgia

"What a fun way to learn about history, reading and research! Children's author, Hilary Hyland engages students and teachers alike with her unique presentation on her book. Ms. Hyland's dramatic retelling of the events of the horrendous storm at sea and rescue mission held everyone's attention. She engages her audience with maps, photographs and artifacts from her research. Students learn characteristics about the Newfoundland dog breed, the geography of NF and the strategies about writing historical fiction. The children's favorite prop was her own 150 pound Newfoundland dog, Teddy Bear who accompanied the author and was the perfect guest in the Media Center. Ms. Hyland's program is an interesting and informative way to promote reading and writing in your school."
Lorraine Brunn, Media Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools

"We invited Ms. Hyland to speak at our school .Prior to the start of the program, Ms. Hyland was kind enough to take time to talk only with our 5th grade special book club (Booketeers) and respond to some very specific questions regarding what it takes to write a historical fiction novel. Our Booketeers were delighted with what they learned and loved spending time "alone" with the author's gentle Newfoundland dog. When it came time for the author presentation for all students, we found Ms. Hyland to be open to all kinds of questions--and believe me, there were all kinds of questions. Best yet, we all learned a great deal about the Ethie and were fascinated by the remarkable shipwreck story featuring both a strong girl and boy character. The vivid PowerPoint presentation helped illustrate the points Ms. Hyland made--and the 160 pound Miss Mouse captivated our students. We had a wonderful visit!"
Karina Hirschhorn, Media Specialist, Cedar Grove Elementary School



"The fast-paced action will appeal to even reluctant readers"