Hilary Hyland is a former hotel industry executive and small business owner. She grew up in Georgia and has lived in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago. Currently she lives outside of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia with her patient husband, not-so-patient daughter, two slobbery Newfoundland dogs and quirky pony.

She has been a foster parent, substitute teacher, camp counselor, amusement park worker, desk clerk, cookie mogul and vagabond extraordinaire. After getting out of the witness protection program...only kidding!

Her many interests include UGA bulldogs, SMU mustangs (they're coming back!), and Washington Redskins. She enjoys history (Civil War), politics (who knows why?), historic hotels (The Mayflower), traveling (Kauai) and reading, reading, reading.

She is a sought after speaker for schools, libraries, conferences and workshops.

"Life is what happens when you've made other plans."

--- John Lennon